True Ames Troy Elmore Flex 10.0 Volan Fin

True Ames Troy Elmore Flex 10.0 Volan Fin

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This Flex fin is the brainchild of the ultra talented surfer and shaper, Troy Elmore, whose talents both in and out of the ocean combine to produce a feedback loop that pushes the boundaries of surfing through design. Troy drew inspiration for this template from a variety of tried and true design theories, and combined them to create a tremendously versatile longboard fin.

With a wide base, the Troy Elmore Flex fin has great stability when forward on the board, while also providing ample drive off the bottom. The fin’s area smoothly transitions to a sensitive flex tip to allow for pocket maneuverability as well as rail-to-rail transitions.

This fin pairs nicely with a healthy range of boards and conditions. If you’re looking to loosen up your noserider with something other than a Pivot-style fin, or add drive and spring to your log, then search no further than the Troy Elmore Flex.

Our Volan fins are fine-tuned with precision foils as well as proper flex. Crafted with a labor of love at our factory in Santa Barbara, CA, these fins undergo the strictest quality control. Our Volan panels are meticulously hand-laid and templated ensuring optimal weave orientation and superior strength, with flex coming more from the body rather than just the tip. This enhances speed and projection off the bottom and through turns, making our Volan fins a pinnacle of the highest performance flex characteristics.

  • Moderate area fin with a wide 8" base, moderate rake, and sensitive flex tip
  • Super versatile longboard fin 
  • Volan fiberglass construction generates high-performance flex

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