Green Room Purple Conditioner Bar

Green Room Purple Conditioner Bar

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Purple Suds and Silk are plastic-free toning shampoo and conditioner bars that eliminate yellow tones from blonde and grey hair while simultaneously nourishing hair from roots to ends. These richly pigmented formulas deliver dramatic results by noticeably reducing brassiness and bringing shine and lustre back to dry and damaged hair.  

Perfect for daily use or for when your hair needs a little brightening, Purple Suds and Silk offer an uplifting and minty fresh fragrance to complement the bars cooling effects.

While some purple shampoos struggle to provide a fluffy lather, this purple shampoo bar lathers easily and the purple conditioner bar ensures a silky smooth finish. Both formulas are very concentrated so you never have to choose between that "fresh dye job" look and living kinder to the planet. 


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