The Rural Kind Trucks & Waves Art Print

The Rural Kind Trucks & Waves Art Print

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This hand illustrated print was inspired by my days spent down in Latin America. The crew would get together, usually before first light, pile their boards in the truck bed and hit the dirt road in search of good waves.

Sometimes we would leave as early as 4:30 am, so coffee was necessary. Gnarly roads, rivers, you name it...nothing was stopping us. We would venture out into the jungle and check all the breaks along the way, in search of the best conditions. When we found our spot we would spend hours playing in the salt water, catching "olas" (waves) and cheering each other on.

Those were some of my best memories from that chapter of my life. Thank goodness for 4x4 trucks. Without them, I'm not sure how we would've reached those places that facilitated such happiness. While we ventured into the rural jungle, we always made sure to respect the land. We would pick up some trash that had washed up on shore, or would clear fallen branches from the road for the next visitors. Trucks & waves for days. The good life.

Paper: Printed on 130# matte white card stock
Artwork: Black
Print Size: 8x10 inches (a standard frame size)

*please note print comes unframed*

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