Unpublished Marcus Paladino

Unpublished Marcus Paladino

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UNPUBLISHED is a collaborative publication aiming to help artists publish new or old work/ideas across various mediums. Maks Eidelson dove deep into Marcus Paladino's extensive catalog of over a decade's worth of surf imagery. What was once archived and might have otherwise been forgotten just needed a fresh perspective. Combing through his mostly ‘unpublished’ work we looked for and selected images with the end result aiming to tell a beautiful, gritty, moody, and mysterious story of what it feels like to be a surfer in cold waters.

 90-page softcover smyth sewn perfect bound book with silver foil stamps. 130/240 gsm uncoated text and cover papers sourced from a mill in Switzerland. Black / White Photography and a PMS spot colour blue. Edition of 200.

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